Who’s Who?

2016 P & C Executive

In March each year the parent group elects P&C office bearers to carry out the decisions of the P&C. The 2016 P&C Executive is:

  • President: Evan Predavec
  • Vice President:  Tina Jackson
  • Vice President: Tony Gray
  • Secretary: Ruth Marshall
  • Treasurer: Ian Davies

Contact: mosmanhighpandc@gmail.com

2016 Parent Information Network (PIN)

In order to disseminate information to parents and provide class lists the P&C created the Parent Information Network.

Head PIN Louisa Long mhs.pin@gmail.com

2016 P&C Committees

Key work of the P&C is carried out by its committees.

Music Committee

Chair: Angela Lehmann |  Contact: mosmanhighmusic@gmail.com | Website: http://mosmanhighmusic.wordpress.com/

Drama Committee

Chair (shared):  Ruth Marshall and Kyla Janakis | Contact: mhsdramacommittee@gmail.com | Website: http://mosmanhighdrama.wordpress.com/

Sports Committee

Chair: Hayden MacKellar | Contact:  mosmanhighsport@gmail.com

Science and Technology Committee 

Coordinators: Evan Predavec and Ian Davies

Art Committee

Coordinators: Pru Smith, Jenny Buck, Fiona Alvarez, Phillipa Tayler


You can also find the Mosman High Art Committee on Facebook.

Wellbeing Committee

Coordinator: Jane Harlen | Contact: mhspandcwellbeing@gmail.com

Environment Committee

Coordinator: Catherine Roc

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